The Positioning And Specialization Course

Get your specialization figured out in 2 weeks. (2 months if you do the deep market validation work.)

The best way to learn if this course is a good fit for you is to check out the first two modules. They're open and free, just enjoy them here:

"Things are now starting to 'click' into place"

1. What problem were you hoping this course would solve?

Providing me with more clarity regarding how to view niching down. Every step I take, it feels like I go further into a full specialization, but I still feel like I have a few steps to go. It's difficult to go all the way without some sort of guidance from someone that's seen the process hundreds of times. I also wanted more assurance that I'm not making a horrible mistake as I wade into the deep end. :)  

2. How specifically did this course help solve that problem?

It helped me by providing practical tools for researching, evaluating, and starting conversations with my target audience. Honestly, I didn't even know where to begin before having some sort of framework to help me get things moving. Things are now starting to "click" into place where I feel like I have a path forward. I'm always searching for things to get me motivated and overcome the inertia of procrastination, which I don't think I could have done without Philip's framework.  

3. What aspects of the course made it a good fit for you and your situation?

It's actionable and bite-sized. As a software dev, I'm always looking for resources that are practical. Philip breaks everything down by telling you 1) here's how you can approach and think about things, and 2) here's how you can make progress with this topic. I appreciated the level of detail and the lack of fluff.

Austin Hattox, Nonprofit Website Strategist

Course Outline

INTRODUCTION (Included in the free sample)

  • 1.1 About This Course
  • 1.2 Why Specialize?
  • 1.3 How To Make a Good Specialization Decision

2: INVENTORY OPPORTUNITIES (Included in the free sample)

  • 2.1 The Three Ways to Decide On A Specialization
  • 2.2 How To Inventory Your Areas of Strength and Interest
  • 2.3 Converting Your Inventory Into A Decision
  • 2.4 Options For Enhancing Your Specialization Decision
  • 2.5 (Bonus Lecture) Specialization In Depth
  • 2.6 (Bonus Lecture) Beachhead Thinking In Depth


  • 3.1 Why Risk and Flinching Matter
  • 3.2 Understanding Risk Profile
  • 3.3 Why We’re Bad at Evaluating Risk
  • 3.4 How to Assess the Risk of a Specialization Decision
  • 3.5 The Tension Between Flinching and Implementation
  • 3.6 Assessing Your Risk Profile
  • 3.7 Converting Your Risk Profile Into A More Effective Decision
  • 3.8 Options For Further Enhancing Your Specialization Decision


  • 4.1 Why Market Conditions Matter
  • 4.2 The 3 Most Important Market Condition Guardrails
  • 4.3 Assessing Market Size
  • 4.4 Assessing Competition
  • 4.5 Assessing System Type
  • 4.6 Converting Your Guardrails Research Into A More Effective Decision
  • 4.7 Options For Further Enhancing Your Specialization Decision


  • 5.1 Deciding Whether to Invest in Deeper Validation
  • 5.2 The Blind Pivot
  • 5.3 Guardrail-And-Go
  • 5.4 About The Live Market Test
  • 5.5 Walkthrough Of The Live Market Test
  • 5.6 Converting Market Validation Research Into A More Effective Decision


  • 6.1 How You Implement a Specialization Decision
  • 6.2 All Your Market Interfaces
  • 6.3 80/20 Thinking About Your Market Interfaces
  • 6.4 Using LinkedIn To Prototype A Re-Usable Positioning Message
  • 6.5 What To Do After LinkedIn


  • 7.1 Reminder: Implementation And Flinching
  • 7.2: Reminder: Why You’re Doing All This

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This is the minimum effective dose of information and guidance to help you specialize in 2 weeks.

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Questions About This Course, Answered

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Of course! This is a zero-marginal-cost digital product, and I am not a monster. If you feel like you got something that's not as good as you were promised, please email me within 30 days of purchase or sooner for a full and immediate no-questions-asked refund. This also gives me an opportunity to correct any errors I might have made in describing the course, which benefits both me and future course customers. If you're going to ask for a refund >30 days after purchase, I'm going to have some questions first before I agree to a refund.

Q: What exactly do I get when I buy this course?

A: You get the following:

  • Course content:
    • 6.95 hours of lecture content across 35 videos. These explain important concepts. All videos are available immediately after purchase.
    • Text instructions for every process you'll execute.
    • Content is delivered using Gumroad. 100% of the course content is available to you the moment you complete your purchase, and though I encourage you to move through the lessons in order, you can actually access them in any order you want. Gumroad lets you download the videos (1080p video files) and other course content, or you can stream the videos from their platform. When I make small updates to the course in the future, Gumroad will email you to let you know there's been a change so you can update your copy of the course. The course is yours to keep and do with as you please. I'd rather you not upload it to pirating sites, but if you want to give or loan it to a friend who needs the help, feel free to. I'd prefer more rather than fewer people benefit from this course.

Buy The Course

This is the minimum effective dose of information and guidance to help you specialize in 2 weeks.

Buy The Course ($300)