TEI Private Cohort

The Expertise Incubator (TEI) is an open-to-the-public small-group challenge. I've had interest in delivering parts or all of this program privately, to groups of employees at small professional services firms, to accelerate their professional development or build an in-house capacity for research or thought leadership.

This has been a great way for those firms to build a strategic capability in-house. Several needs are well-served by a TEI Private Cohort:

  1. "We want to ship a research product, but also want to learn how to do it ourselves so we can rinse and repeat again in the future as needed."
  2. "Within a year, we want to be producing real, standout thought leadership using in-house resources."
  3. "We have expertise, but we lack a point of view, and we want to fix that."

Your people are certainly already busy. Unlike the core promise of content marketing agencies, a TEI Private Cohort will make that problem worse for about 6 to 9 months before it makes anything better. Your people will be busier learning to be more powerful communicators or executing research, all in a guided hands-on learning environment.

If you have found, perhaps through painful experience or wasted money, that a content marketing agency cannot do what you need because it can only be done by developing new skills in your in-house experts, then a TEI Private Cohort might be a great solution.

TEI Private Cohort Details

  • Scheduling: Your TEI Private Cohort will meet weekly with me for between 60 to 90 minutes. We'll poll the group and find a standing meeting time that works for most people most weeks.
  • Workload: Those who participate will need to allocate 6 to 10 hours/week of their most valuable time to this effort.
  • Price: You'll need to budget at least $3,500/mo for this.

If you'd like to set up a TEI Private Cohort, or just have some questions, please use the button below to inquire:

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