The Expertise Incubator

The Expertise Incubator is a framework for cultivating valuable expertise and a community of practice. We learn by doing. As a group, we face a series of 3 foundational challenges, spending 3 months focusing on a challenge before moving on to the next.

The challenges produce both the substance and artifacts of economically valuable expertise. The substance is a fluid command of your area of expertise, a point of view you can comfortably articulate, proprietary research, and valuable intellectual property. The artifacts are a body of work and an audience that sees you as an authority.


TEI supports your progress on three core challenges:

  1. Publish something on the internet daily (at least 3x/week) for the first 90 days of the program. After the first 90 days you are free to decide if you want to continue this daily publication practice or not. The goal is to deepen your expertise and your ability to communicate it in the way that only high-frequency publication can.
  2. Do research for a decision making tool for clients. The goal is to augment your expertise with some original research so that later you can formalize your expertise and research into a decision making tool. You’ll begin this research during the second TEI challenge.
  3. Distribute the expertise you’ve gained in the program in a new, high leverage way that works without you being present or burning a bunch of energy. You might use the research to line up speaking or podcast guesting engagements. You might use it to build a prototype decision making tool that you then pilot with clients. Or you might simply turn the research into a publication that reports on the findings and offers prescriptive guidance. All are potentially good routes forward. You’ll choose your specific challenge here based on what you learn during the second challenge.

Those three challenges are the core of this program because they represent the 80/20 sweet spot of building authority and economically valuable expertise. There’s other stuff you can do to build this kind of rare, valuable expertise, but there are not other things that offer as much leverage.

Think about it like reducing bodyweight and regaining physical fitness after a period of being out of shape. There are lots of things you could do, but only two things most experts agree you must do: 1) build strength through progressive overload strength training and 2) maintain a caloric deficit. This program is like that, but for your business.

If you join a TEI cohort, you, I, and the rest of your small group will meet via Zoom video call once per week for 90 minutes to discuss progress, troubleshoot roadblocks, and share learnings.


TEI advocates 3 ideals:

  1. Anything you create in this program should be good enough to spread by word of mouth alone.
  2. Anything you create in this program — if you give it away for free — should be good enough that some would gladly pay real money for it.
  3. You should be willing to work daily for 2 to 3 years to make ideals 1 and 2 become true in your work. In other words, you should be OK with not living up to ideals #1 and #2 at first so that you can build up the skills you need to ultimately achieve those ideals.


Who is this for?

TEI is ideal for self-employed professionals who look like this:

  • Have defined a clear specialization
  • Have built a stable business
  • Want to move into an expert market position
  • Also want to develop unique intellectual property that definitively differentiates you from others
  • Can afford to spend 10 hours/week working on your business

Can we flex on some of those points? Sure. :)

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