Executive Coaching

There are several situations where my coaching can help you break through a block or level up:

  1. You’re stuck on making a positioning decision.
  2. You need to generate more leads in the short term, or you want better leads.
  3. You need more leverage in your business so you're not pinned down by trading your time for money.
  4. You’d like to have a differentiating point of view (POV). I can help you explore the landscape of your opinions and viewpoints to find the ones that are resonant with your market and help you refine them into a memorable, distinctive POV, and we can do that using the pacing and interaction model of coaching.
  5. You increase visibility and market impact through thought leadership work.
  6. You’d like to do marketing in a way that feels better, but you can’t quite put your finger on what that would be. You’ve read about lead magnets and content marketing and outbound and it all feels… off. You’re not alone: /indie-experts-list/attention-externalities/ If you’ve got the right kind of specialization in place (or are willing to let me lead you there) and you have some business momentum, I can help.

The best way to explore coaching fit is through an introductory video call.

To start the conversation, just email me: philip@philipmorganconsulting.com