Research Notes

By Philip Morgan

I publish notes about my research here: (They're notes... on my... research. That's why they're called research notes. No razzle-dazzle here, people!)

Back on the horse


A small-but-big-for-me breakthrough that unblocked a research project; also a giveaway for free tockets to a business conference this Fall.

Buddhist Thought Leadership


Just a quick share today of an article that gives an unexpected example of thought leadership.

A good POV example


Expertise can be reactive. It responds to the particulars of a client problem. Expertise co-exists with 'well, it depends'. POV is removed from the particulars of any one client's problem(s).

Songs with children's choirs


We are pretty universally terrible at estimating beyond our direct experience, apparently.

A beautiful example of writing up SSR findings


This is a really beautiful example of doing 3 things: showing a) enthusiasm for the research -- both the question and the in-progress answer, b) humility about the methods and their efficacy, and c) belief in the value of the work, constraints and all.

Feedback Request: Survey questions on RFP-less consulting projects


If you've got some time, I'd love for you to look at my proposed survey questions on RFP-less consulting projects and provide feedback.

There are 2 markets


If we use email marketing or other personal forms of marketing, we do well to remember there are 2 markets.