You don't have to be on the blogging treadmill

Philip Morgan

Yet another successful company has taken my advice about building an education center instead of "blogging".

Yes, I'm kidding. Active Campaign probably has no idea who I am and that I'm an advocate of building these things that I and others call education/resource centers.

On Sep 21 I got an email from Active Campaign announcing this new education center:

I like how they've handled most of this content marketing asset:

Annotated screenshot of the Active Campaign education center

In particular, the taxonomy they're used to organize the content is useful and relevant to their audience's interests.

The email list opt-in is handled via an inline form rather than an obtrusive fullscreen pop-up, which I believe is the more reader-friendly way to handle opt-ins.

My only criticism is the left sidebar, which categorizes content based on media type. I think that's superfluous and mostly irrelevant to reader needs. I can't imagine most readers navigating the content based on guides vs. video series vs webinar.

I like education/resource centers because you can build them one once, populate them with content that demonstrates your expertise, and then leave them alone. Of course, you need to combine them with a few other "moving parts" to have a fully functional lead generation funnel.

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