You big fat SPAMMER, you!

Philip Morgan

The first time you use email marketing to actually sell your services, you will feel like a spammer. I guarantee it.I don't know anybody who hasn't felt like a low-class spammer the first time they queue up a true marketing email (one with a CTA in it) to go out to their list."But Philip..." I hear you saying... "just send free no-strings-attached information to your list and they'll buy from you! Isn't that what content marketing is all about?"That is a very good question! It's one of dozens I'll deal with in the next Dev Shop Marketing Briefing towards the end of this month.I've been wanting to do this presentation for a while now.Not the one where I show you specific details of setting up your email marketing. No... the more important one.The one where I talk about the mindset challenges and changesyou'll need to deal with when you start using email marketing effectively to sell your services.This may turn into a 3-part series where I do get into more tactical considerations around lead magnets, list segmentation, and that kind of thing, but I want to start with the make-or-break mindset issues like:

  • How authentic or true to your own personality you should be
  • Selling via email
  • Dealing with feedback, criticism, and haters
  • Understanding what creates value in the email channel
  • Dealing with that "oh noes, I'm a spammer!" feeling

This Dev Shop Marketing Briefing will be happening on Wednesday, September 28th at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern, 7pm UK time).In the meantime, I'd like to hear from you what mindset issues you've faced in thinking about or trying to begin using email marketing. Hit REPLY and let me know.Talk to you soon,-P