Y'all are not short on ideas

Philip Morgan

Last week I asked on ideas for better handling the situation where I am running a workshop with 5 seats and more like 70 people were interested.Y'all did not disappoint! :)I'm going to share the ideas that you sent me because I think it might be relevant to your lead generation efforts.Quick aside: teaching can make an excellent form of lead generation. When I say "teaching", that might include running classes, workshops, webinars, podcast guesting, and other forms of helping others expand their thinking, acquire new skills, or change their behavior.Here are the ideas that showed up in my inbox on Friday and over the weekend, including how many people suggested each idea, listed in descending order of popularity:

  1. Record it and freely share the recording for those who couldn’t register: 6 votes
  2. Change a nominal fee (ex: $25): 5 votes
  3. Simply offer more workshops (at maybe 2-week intervals, or maybe a “workshop day” where I do the same workshop at 3 or 4 times to cover multiple time zones for participants): 3 votes
  4. Unlimited attendance, but only first 5 get to participate. Others are view-only spectators: 2 votes
  5. Run multiple parallel simultaneous 5-person classes with 1 or 2 other trained instructors leading those other classes. Merge individual groups of 5 into a larger group for the Q&A: 2 votes
  6. Brief application process that’s adjudicated by me or by letting my list vote on the applications: 2 votes
  7. Record it and sell the recording to those who couldn’t register: 1 vote
  8. First-come, first-serve for first 5 seats, overflow goes to waiting list. Waiting list gets priority for next event: 1 vote
  9. Have the workshop be longer than 1 meeting to add in group accountability: 1 vote
  10. Application questionnaire with open-ended questions so I can judge where applicants are at and accept the best-suited ones: 1 vote
  11. Hybrid “work-ahead” product and workshop, so the workshop is shorter and perhaps could accommodate more people as a result: 1 vote

Many of these ideas could work very well! And I love that you're encouraging me to charge for the workshops. I can get down with that idea for sure :)I've got plenty to noodle on for next time I offer one of these workshops.Hopefully this list of ideas is also useful to you if you do some teaching-as-lead-generation some time in the future.Talk soon,-P