Philip Morgan

Seth Godin identifies one of the core paradoxes of modern life: the short-term normal thing is actually the long-term risky thing.

The normal thing — learning to show up on time and take orders, build something to spec at scale, blend into the "successful" crowd — is risky because it positions you to become redundant.

Commoditization is the elimination of waste. This is great for human society generally. We get to stop wasting human energy on custom-building data centers, for example, and spend that energy on real progress instead.

Builders of bespoke data centers, however, have positioned themselves to become redundant. Doing the short-term normal thing was actually long-term risky for them. It is for the rest of us, too.

A solution: focus your POV on whitespace; a place in the POV landscape with low "population density".

Don't choose randomly. It needs to be relevant to your clients.

Don't expect the warmth and comfort of a crowd. Their absence is what makes it whitespace.

Expect mild "marketing agoraphobia" at first. You're cutting trail, and the "marketing first aid station" of lots of voices agreeing with you is far away.

Also far away: redundancy for your voice and leadership.

Whitespace is good.

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