What’s wrong with Experience?

Philip Morgan

Experience is one place we can stand in our point of view. It’s not the only place. Some of us want data instead. Others of us blend the two. All of us are standing somewhere on this spectrum:

In reality, we don’t occupy one tiny fixed point on this spectrum. Our POV tends to come from a range:

When I ask participants in the Point of View Workshop to place themselves somewhere on this spectrum, several striking things happen:

  1. Most participants have an easy time doing it. We have good self-knowledge about how experience and data define our point of view.
  2. Most participants stand on the Experience end of the spectrum.
  3. Most participants aspire to move their POV more towards Data.

Data is powerful. Its power, however, comes from a variety of sources. Sometimes, data is a story we tell ourselves to enhance our feeling of wellbeing while making a decision, and that enhanced wellbeing improves the implementation of the decision, even if the decision itself was not objectively improved by the data. And sometimes, data leads to an objectively better decision that survives a mediocre implementation. Data is powerful. But, so is Experience…

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