What you are up to — notes from readers

Philip Morgan
  • This is pretty cool: https://miro.com/lite sets up a no-login-required Miro board that expires after 24h, but you can convert it to a permanent Miro board if you want before that expiration. Seems like a nice way to support brainstorming sessions with prospects.
  • Alastair McDermott is continuing his month of daily livestreaming. Details here: https://marketingforconsultants.com/live
  • List member Tom K. pointed me James Hoffmann, a coffee expert I had never heard of. I was immediately impressed, and think you can learn a lot about teaching style from this guy. For example, notice how James demonstrates how he thinks about brewing coffee in this video: https://youtu.be/QjIvN8mlK9Y. He doesn’t just tell you what, but he demonstrates how to think about a brewing question, which actually teaches a lot more than just telling the what ever would. It helps you understand why.

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