What is a point of view?

Philip Morgan

Your point of view is where you stand, what you see from there, and how you advise your clients as a result.

Where you stand determines what you'll see. This toot illustrates that point nicely:

(Source: https://twitter.com/visualizevalue/status/1363621040715419649?s=21)

For reasons I don't fully understand, I currently have zero interest in listening to audio that isn't music. I used to listen to maybe 5 or so hours of podcast programming/week, now it's 0.

Where I (currently) stand is a world were podcasts have almost no value. What I see from there is other people mysteriously finding value in these things I can't be tossed to listen to or care about.

If I allowed my current point of view to define how I advise my clients, I'd say: "Don't bother with creating a podcast. Podcasts are very low value and the world has moved on."

Obviously, I would be giving bad advice if I did this.

I would be allowing my personal experience to overpower a more grounded, reasoned perspective. I would be arguing from experience, but only from 1 (very biased) data point.

Experience is one place we can stand in our point of view.

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