What a relief!

Philip Morgan

I meant to write to you about cultivating confidence today, but instead I wanted to quickly share what list member Shelby had to say about yesterday's email (shared with permission, yo):------Philip, I read this bit and just had to comment:

As a specialist, you become known based on the kind of work you have decided to focus on doing. Instead of promoting yourself, you're promoting something outside yourself.

_This, a thousand times this._As someone more naturally inclined to introversion, the whole concept of self-promotion was an anxiety for me as I set out on my consulting business. When I first started learning about specialization and positioning, I quickly keyed in on the concept that a specialized position could enable inbound marketing, which could minimize how much self-promotion I'd have to do as time went on. However, what I've been experiencing at a gut level (without making the eloquent verbal connection that you just did above) is just what you describe. Since I'm thinking in terms of specific customer pains and problems and productized service offerings and new ways to solve problems, it's taken almost all of the "what are they gonna think of me" anxiety off the table. I may always hate talking about myself, but it turns out now that I've zeroed in on some cool ideas to fix customer problems, I'm super excited to talk about those problems and those solutions. What a relief!------This is exactly what I was getting at yesterday. It changes everything when you can shift the focus to your clients and their problems and their world. Not only does it make it easier to promote your business and services, it makes it easier to cultivate economically valuable expertise more quickly.Thanks for sharing, Shelby!OK, for real tomorrow I'll talk a bit about cultivating confidence.In the meantime, if you'd like help learning to think in terms of specific customer pains and problems and productize service offerings and create new ways to solve problems, check out http://positioningacceleratorprogram.com.-P