Weak forms of differentiation

Philip Morgan

The following are WEAK forms of differentiation:

  1. “Our team is the best”
  2. "We care more"
  3. "Our technology choices are better/more thoughtful"
  4. "We have a GREAT process!"

What makes these weak is that almost anybody can credibly make these claims, or they are over-used hollow claims (#2 is the primary example of this, and #1 is subject to the Illusory Superiority bias).You know that often-cited study about how WAY more than 50% of drivers in the study said they were in the top 50% of drivers in terms of skill and safety? That's the Illusory Superiority bias at play there. Do you really believe your team (if you have one) is that much better than anyone else can put together? I mean, maybe it is... but how would you prove that?Really think about that question for a moment. How would you prove that your team is better than the competition? However you would prove that is a far better form if differentiation than merely saying you have the best team.Demonstrations always beat claims alone. Saying the Ginsu knife is amazing is less convincing than showing the knife sawing through a tree brach, cutting a soda can in half, and then perfectly slicing a ripe tomato.If you use one of the forms if differentiation above, don't feel bad. Almost everybody starts with one or more of those but as you mature as a business owner... you can do better.We'll look at options for doing better in upcoming posts.While you're waiting for that, make sure you really understand differentiation. This book can be read in a few hours and will transform how you view your business strategy. Get to it: http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P