We have a world-class filing system

Philip Morgan

Picture this...You've been (heaven forbid) diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor. It's operable, but fatal if not properly removed in the next 2 months.Your doctor refers you to a world-class specialist who has been removing these types of tumors with a 95% success rate for 2 decades.At your consultation with the specialist, he or she spends the first 45 minutes of the meeting describing their office's world class filing system, the extensive training they provide their front office staff, how friendly their nurses are, how convenient the physical location of their office is, how they pass the 30% savings their efficient supply ordering system yields directly on to you, and how great a play space they have in their waiting room for patients with kids.This is an imperfect analogy for what you see dev shops that lack specialized expertise doing on their websites.**The differentiators they highlight are all inferior to the ultimate differentiator, which is expertise that creates economically valuable results.**It's not that the filing system and all that other stuff in my analogy is unimportant. It's that compared to expertise, those things are not compelling differentiators. Expertise is.How do you develop expertise that creates economically valuable results? _You specialize._How do you best decide how to specialize? http://thepositioningmanual.com can help.-P

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