Viking Hand

Philip Morgan

I met a guy suffering from Viking Hand the other day.I was sitting outside the Whole Foods in Sebastopol when this older guy Tom asked me to help him learn how to copy/paste a text message on his new-to-him iPhone.After the iOS copy/paste lesson he started telling me about Viking Hand and the procedure he recently had to deal with it.Viking Hand is the layman's name for a condition called Dupuytren's contracture, which is caused by a contraction of the tendons in the hand, making it impossible to fully extend some or all fingers. It kind of makes the hand into a perma-claw shape, and it makes a lot of day to day stuff much harder to do.Fortunately, there is at least one kind of treatment. Tom got the kind that involves injecting a certain enzyme ($5000 for enough of this substance to do 1 treatment) into the tendon, holding the affected hand up for several weeks to allow the scar tissue to be absorbed into the lymph system, and physical therapy.Tom also told me that one of the world's foremost experts in this procedure is in Larkspur, a fancy neighborhood just north of the Golden Gate bridge in Marin county.A few days later I wanted to learn more about Viking Hand and this specialist doctor, so I did some Googling.Tom told me the doctor's name but I couldn't remember it and I definitely couldn't remember the actual medical name of the condition he has. That didn't matter. In 7.3 seconds I was on this doctor's website and reading about his credentials.I'm really not kidding about how easily and quickly I found this doc's info. Here's how it went down, and below that is why I think you should care:

  1. I remembered the layman's name "Viking Hand". Who could forget a name like that! So I Googled "Viking Hand" and learned the medical term for the condition. I copy/pasted Dupuytren's contracture. Time so far: 3.7 seconds.
  2. I Googled the following keyphrase: Dupuytren's contracture specialist Larkspur
  3. Result #1 on the Google search engine result page was for Keith Denkler, MD. I clicked through to his site and saw the following:

Dr. Denkler has been practicing medicine since 1989 in Marin County, California. His practice includes both plastic (aesthetic-cosmetic) and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Denkler has achieved board certification in plastic surgery and teaches at UCSF Medical School. Dr. Denkler is one of the few doctors offering treatment for Dupuytren's contracture using the French needle technique called NA (needle aponeurotomy, needle aponevrotomy) a type of subcutaneous fasciotomy for Dupuytren's contracture in addition to XIAFLEX™.Dr. Denkler originated wide-awake hand surgery for Dupuytren contractures under local anesthesia.

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