Upcoming Indie Experts events

Philip Morgan

I want to invite you to some upcoming Indie Experts community events.

Presenting is a wonderful forcing function for clarity of thought. It's an opportunity to fire up that intellectual fractional distillery and draw out the high-octane parts of your thinking.

So, I invite folks who are part of TEI or the Indie Experts community to practice the art of the presentation. This Friday at 11am Mountain time, Guillaume Wiatr will do that.

Guillaume is reconfiguring his business around a new diagnostic framework and a public workshop offering. He will practice his pitch for these two things in front of a small "studio audience" and, if you want to drop by the livestream, you.

Grab a calendar reminder here: https://indieexperts.io/event/ie-talks-guillaume-wiatr-practices-his-pitching-his-consulting-diagnostic/

Or just drop by at go time to watch the livestream here: https://indieexperts.io/live/

Finally, I'm running another Point of View workshop Oct 7 – Dec 2, 2021. This is a paid workshop, with lots of discounts available to make it broadly accessible.

It seems to be the better of the two workshops I offer. I get about 2 or 3x the number of people willing to provide social proof for it vs. the Specialization Workshop, and from that data point I take that it's the better offering.

Keep building; keep taking risks, y'all,