This absolutely *prints* money

Philip Morgan

Have you ever heard the phrase "This will print money for your business"?It's often applied to things like conversion rate optimization or lifecycle email marketing. And it sounds great...But it's also applied to things that ask for attention without returning value. Or things that automate that which suffers from automation. Or things that systematize what should be custom.So watch out for things that print money and devalue the currency you're working in.'Cause there's a lot more of that out there than there are actual free money printing presses.This brings up the topic of a narrow market focus. Is that a "free money printing press"?I don't think I'd describe it that way.It is a way to reduce the cost of acquiring clients who will pay a premium rate for your services. It is a way to shift the power dynamic in your favor. And it is a way to build a more robust professional services business.But a free money printing press? Nah...In fact, it's a lot of work for most people. There's the effort of doing market research. And there's the emotional struggle of making what seems to be a high-stakes, low-certainty decision.I help you address both of those challenges (and many more) in: