Thinking about getting a face tattoo

Philip Morgan

There are important decisions that we all make very casually, like where to have dinner tonight.And there are other decisions that seem very important, like considering getting a tattoo on your face.ImageDoes moving your business from generalist to focused specialist feel more to you like deciding on a dinner spot or deciding on a facial tattoo?I've worked with a few business owners for whom it's a straightforward decision. Once they've bought into the idea of narrowing down their business focus, they have an easy time deciding what market vertical or audience to focus on.For others, it's not so straightforward. There are competing options that all seem equally good (or equally bad!). There are subtle considerations that complicate the process of choosing a single market vertical or audience or problem to focus on.My usual prescription for the "this is not an easy decision" group is research or structured introspection. For the former I've got a pretty reliable process, and for the latter I have some useful criteria you can use to bring some objectivity to a very subjective process.Both are explained in great detail in: http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P