Things Built; Risks Taken

Philip Morgan

Here's a quick rundown of interesting stuff along the lines of building and taking risks.

TEI member Guillaume Wiatr is offering a workshop on strategic narrative from late July - August 2021:

Guillaume used this process that I recently wrote up to bootstrap his design process for the workshop:

This article, from David C. Baker, is a good one:

David generally writes for readers who run firms with employees, but this one is relevant to anyone who creates value via expertise. I'd hope that after reading it you are either encouraged to keep going or encouraged to step up your game.

Part of how I try to create value is looking at how a group of businesses that many of us aspire to be like are designed and then generalizing what I see into a framework or model.

I have informal "thought partners" in this work; people I can rubber-duck things with or get feedback from.

I recently set up what I'm enjoying calling a "thought partner pairing session" with one of them and then realized I would get more out of the session if I prepared a presentation to kick off the session with. This would force me to better organize my thinking and get more clear about how my thought partner can be helpful. I'm sure he will be helpful in ways I can't predict, but at least I can do some prep on my end to make the session a better use of time for both of us.

This seems to me like a useful tool for folks who might be doing similar thought work.

I'll try to let you know how it goes.

Future PMC stuff:

  • I'm running my workshop on point of view later this year, early October to early December. These are priced at $1,200/seat and are festooned with discount opportunities to make them broadly accessible:
  • Are any of you interested in joining an Expertise Incubator cohort starting in Q4 2021? If so, please reply and let me know.

What are you building and shipping?

I hope you know by now that I really like sharing with this list anything that might be useful or relevant to indie consultants, so please let me know if you're doing anything that my list might benefit from hearing about or have come across something shareworthy.

Have a great weekend,