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Philip Morgan

Upcoming talks on: business research; innovative productized service; selling your firm.

For literally months I have been looking forward to turning these ideas into a talk:

I know that mindmap is illegible. This Friday, using my mouth, some livestreaming software, and more than a few faroff gazes of thoughtfulness, I will make it legible and interesting. I’ve spent somewhere around 9 hours talking about the daily publication challenge of The Expertise Incubator framework ( This has been an extravagantly deep exploration of a powerful practice. I’ve said everything that I think is broadly useful about this practice, and now the focus of my TEI Talks shifts to the second and third challenges, which are focused on small-scale research. The world of research is divided up into academic/scientific research and business research, and the world of business research is divided up into risk-management research and innovation research. There’s this valuable and under-utilized whitespace in the middle between risk-management and innovation research where the TEI approach to research lives. This whitespace gives us a powerful beachhead that leads to authority and IP. That’s the topic of Friday’s TEI Talk. Please join me for this talk on February 19 at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/5pm GMT. You can pop into at livetime, or you can use this page to add a no-registration-required reminder to your calendar:

Indie Experts practice the art of the presentation. Sometimes that practice is rehearsing something well-known to get better at it, and sometimes it is trying something new and untested in a low-stakes but real environment. On Thursday, Feb 25, Jim Thornton will do the latter. Jim has been developing some IP that uses a combination of custom Neo4J tooling, human-powered process, and Jim’s POV about expert site SEO/UX to help experts with a hot mess of content on their site incrementally improve said content. It’s legit innovation, and it’s super difficult to explain Jim needs to walk a fine line between high-level ideas and low-level implementation specifics. Innovation often needs to make use of an existing distribution infrastructure in order to reach its market. The innovation needs farmer #2’s network and social capital to reach the mass market:

(Source: “Diffusion of Innovations”, Everett Rogers) That’s why Jim needs a pitch deck, and he’s going to practice delivering his pitch deck on the 25th at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/5pm GMT. If you’re interested in participating, you can create value by listening to Jim’s pitch, noting the places where it could improve, and then sharing your notes with him realtime in the chat or later via email. It’s fine to attend this talk and not buy his service. :) Please join us! You can pop into at livetime, or you can use this page to add a no-registration-required reminder to your calendar:

David Baker is ascending the icy steps to the fortress of solitude that houses his state-of-the-art digital dais on March 4 to deliver another one in his 2021 series of webinars, on the topic of preparing your firm for a sale. I imagine this one is a bit less relevant to many of y’all, but for the minority it might be relevant to, it is a good opportunity to learn from one of the few consultants who knows this moment in a firm’s life extremely deeply and well. David’s description of the webinar:

March 4, 1:00p CT: What Can You Do Now to Prepare Your Firm for an Eventual Sale? After leading 160+ transactions on both the sell- and buy-side, there are very clear patterns for what someone across the table that you are negotiating with cares about, and what they don’t. Let’s strip away the myths so that you can spend the next six months…or six years…getting your firm ready. No, the fact that you are a project to project shop will not scare someone away. I’ll walk you through what matters and what doesn’t. Some things have indeed changed.


When podcast hosts or conference organizers face an ocean of applicants, your point of view seeks and colonizes whitespace, giving them something fresh to present to their audience. We’ve got an Indie Experts workshop on point of view beginning March 11. Use the discount code b1341192fea064ec03274a46f9e16b2e to get the 30% early bird discount when you register for the workshop: