The response has been overwhelming

Philip Morgan

The response to the TEI explainer video I sent out yesterday has been overwhelming. I'm having trouble keeping up with 1:1 replies so here are some answers to a few of the questions y'all asked…

Do any of you all get offended by the bullshit I was imitating above?

I've seen heavyhanded direct response launch campaigns for products that are sold using an open/shut cart model where they'll pre-script a "the response has been overwhelming" email in order to (attempt to) trigger FOMO or some other emotion-driven purchase as part of the drumbeat of the launch campaign. And I've had an insider view on a few of said campaigns where the response was "overwhelmingly" meager and they still send the "THE RESPONSE HAS BEEN OVERWHELMING!!!!" email anyway.

I think that's outright lying. Or insulting your buyer's intelligence.

There are things that are worth doing where the early response will not be overwhelming, or impressive at all.

A resonant idea from the world of investing: averaging down.

Averaging down is when an investor buys an investment, the price drops, and then they buy more of it. The average price of their holding has gone down. They've averaged down.

They do this because they believe the investment was underpriced to begin with, so when its price drops further, it's even more underpriced, and so the same thesis leads them to buy more so they can hold it until the price corrects and then they can profit.

Is there some idea or service offering in your business that you would average down on? Something you would keep doing for long enough for the market to finally "get it" and start responding?