The real reason

Philip Morgan

The real reason the United States hasn't adopted the metric system is that "kilometers, and kilometers, and kilometers" doesn't make nearly as good a country music lyric as "miles, and miles, and miles" does.;)What's the real reason why you haven't specialized your services?Maybe it's not the right time? It definitely is a good idea to have some client-facing experience under your belt first.Maybe it's too scary or difficult a transition? It certainly does take some courage to move through it.Maybe you don't know how? Well, that I can help with. :)I'm seeing very good results from folks who have been through the Decision Making workshop in Specialization School: /specialization-school/part-1-decision-making-workshop/The structured inventory, risk assessment, market sizing, and insight assessment processes in this workshop are having the intended effect for participants, which is making a "squishy", chaotic-feeling decision into one that's far more objective and structured.I'm going to be talking a lot more about Specialization School in the coming weeks.If you've been waiting for the next offering of this Decision Making workshop, I'd like to speak with you about fit to make sure it's right for you. Just book a call here: