"The night I was born"

Philip Morgan

"The night I was born, lord the moon stood a fire red
Said the night I was born, the moon turned a fire red
My poor mother her cryin; she said 'The gypsy was right!'
And she fell right dead (fell on the floor there)"
--Jimi Hendrix, "Voodoo Chile Blues"

I hope you got a chance to watch the total lunar eclipse earlier today. Our view was fuzzied up by a thin layer of clouds, but it was still awe-inspiring.

It's easy to take the many near-miraculous parts of our modern life for granted. I think we need to always fight to counteract hedonic adaptation.

A TEI member is recruiting interviewees for the qualitative phase of her research. I have a process I recommend folks use for this.

She totally Innovator's Dilemma'd it and came up with a radically simpler and better solution. She put a 1-question LinkedIn poll in front of her audience there, and within a week has 6 interviews lined up with more on the way.

I'm so impressed with her ingenuity and I'm reminded not to take social media for granted. It's not my comfort zone, but it has awesome potential.