The membrane

Philip Morgan

Happy February, y'all! As we traverse the membrane between January and February, I’ve noticed a few online expressions of disappointment, surprise, or exhaustion at how 2021 is feeling like a continuation of 2020 rather than a fresh start. I told y’all back in November of 2020 that this is what was going to happen. I don’t delight in being right about moving into a period of time that features increased volatility, but I am grateful for the strategic clarity that this can bring: if we face a tradeoff between building for more resilience or building for something else, we have ample reason to favor resilience.

Workshop Alert: The Specialization Workshop starts February 9. Details: /workshops/specialization-workshop/

A few events of note are happening this week, and I want you to have a few days of heads up. On Thursday, I’m doing something new(ish), which is using my small-but-awesome platform to bring attention to one of my client’s work. At 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/5pm GMT, Guillaume Wiatr will give a livestreamed talk about finding purpose. I’ve had the pleasure of helping Guillaume develop the talk idea and outline, and so I can tell you there are several ways I could express the main idea of the talk. Of course I’ll choose the Glengarry Glen Ross approach: Ricky Roma: “All train compartments smell vaguely of shit. It gets so you don’t mind it. That’s the worst thing that I can confess. You know how long it took me to get there; a long time.” Me: All corporate purpose statements smell vaguely of bullshit. It gets so you want to vomit when you just hear the word “purpose statement”. Maybe there’s a better way? Guillaume will present a better way to think about purpose – one that’s tailored to the indie consultant. To watch the talk live, you just show up at at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/5pm GMT this Thursday and then click through to your preferred streaming service. If you want to add this event to your calendar, head over here: Of course the event will be recorded and made publicly available.

I’m resuming my series of TEI Talks this Friday at 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/5pm GMT. These are also livestreamed talks. The topic this Friday is list growth. Details: Keep building (resilient businesses!); keep taking risks y’all, -P