The magic of positioning

Philip Morgan

Positioning Workshop participant Nathan recently made my day by sharing the following:---_Hey Philip Morgan I just experienced the magic of positioning tonight and I just had to share it with you and the group._I still feel I have more research to do before I truly know the market enough to have a clear positioning statement. I hadn't really been sharing it with new people yet.Tonight I had an event and decided instead to share the most basic positioning I could think of. So instead of saying I am a "Software Consultant", I said I "help alternative energy companies build mobile apps".The result was actually quite amazing. Every single person was immediately interested and started asking follow up questions. In fact, I have a potential lead for a new gig.Thanks Philip Morgan!---Pretty simple, right? All Nathan did was to talk about the specific result of his work rather than his self-applied "job title".You could think of it like this:**Stop talking about yourself the way an HR department would, and start talking about yourself the way a manager, decision-maker, or buyer (someone who controls a budget or is responsible for a P&L sheet) would.**HR departments have sort of trained us all to think of our work in terms of job titles, lists of skills, years of experience, and personal qualities like "team player".That HR crap puts people to sleep when you lead with it in a marketing or networking context.As you can see from Nathan's real-world experience, it's much more interesting to talk about who you focus your services on and what your services can do for them.And being interesting enough to provoke conversations is what can easily lead to getting more leads.People want to help you find more work. It's on you to make it easy for them to do so.You don't have to be this guy...World’s Most Interesting ManBut you do need to be more interesting than a "software engineer", "developer", or "programmer".Developing and using a simple positioning statement like Nathan did is how you become more interesting and spark more conversations that lead to more leads.If you're needing more how-to help with this, check out: http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P