The last Chase ATM

Philip Morgan

Chase bank pulled their last ATM out of Sebastopol recently.

As a Chase customer, this is an inconvenience for me and an opportunity for others.

Off the top of my head:

  1. I'll do more debit card transactions where I get cash back. This means I'll buy more $5 coffee drinks I don't really need (a win for Whole Foods) and have a larger transaction size when I do so (a win for the payment processor that handles that transaction).
  2. If I need a chunk of cash bigger than the $100 cashback limit at Whole Foods, I'll drive to Santa Rosa to the nearest Chase ATM to get it, a (very small) win for whoever I buy that extra fuel from.
  3. I'm really thinking about becoming a customer of an online bank. I probably won't feel like completely leaving Chase because of how many things are linked to the Chase account, so that means a win for the online bank I choose without a corresponding "loss" for Chase.

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