The "how many are there game": digital agencies

Philip Morgan

Quick! How many digital advertising agencies with 200 or more employees are there?That's the question list member Ted posed to me after I recently issued my standing invitation to do the math on any market's size.Ted's company has some specialized skill in helping his clients escape "Excel Hell", which is that delightfully awful situation where you're using Microsoft Excel to manipulate data from dozens or hundreds of data sources to generate reports or some other form of business intelligence.While he could apply that skill to many different types of clients, Ted has wisely decided to focus on repeating a specific success story (which he's wisely written up into a really good case study), which means he needs to know:

  1. Are there enough of these kinds of clients out there to provide strong revenue if Ted niched down to that market segment?
  2. Is the market small enough for Ted's company to become known as the go-to for that market?

Let's find out! Ted said it would be OK for me to share with you 20 minutes of me talking this problem though via this quick screencast (and 30 seconds of my cat Ollie crying in the background):(Direct link if the embed above gives you any sass:, I'd be happy to do the same for you. Got a market you're thinking about focusing on but aren't certain about whether it's the right "goldilocks" size? Hit REPLY, tell me about it, and I'll do the math for you too.Market size is just one of several critical aspects of positioning your business effectively. I can help you with the rest in: http://thepositioningmanual.comJuuuuuuust right,-P