The further you get from hourly billing

Philip Morgan

I realized the other day that the further you get from hourly billing, the harder you have to work at describing your services.If you ditch hourly billing (I think that could be very good for you, so I'm in favor of it, and you can get support with that here:, you'll have to come up with other ways of pricing your services. Daily or weekly billing are just different units of time, so those don't count.Your left with custom proposals or fixed scope, fixed price packaging of your services.These can be far more profitable than hourly billing, but they put more pressure on you to work hard at describing your services.I don't have a complete solution for this, but I can suggest that as you describe your services (assuming you have more than one option), you consider making it super super simple for your clients to understand why they might choose one option over another.**Here are some ways you might help them do that:**👉 Do your services fit different size companies or different levels of complexity? Ex: This service is ideal if you have 1 to 50 employees, but this other one is right if you have more than 50 employees.👉 Do your services fit different levels of client maturity/sophistication? Ex: If you have no existing back end, this service is right for you. If you have existing or legacy systems in your back end that need integration, this other service is right for you.That's not an exhaustive list at all, but it's enough to get you thinking.I work with people 1-on-1. If you're interested in learning more, click this link: /11-retainer/-P