The four directions

Philip Morgan

Points of view can be different in 4 basic ways. (I'm talking about consultants here.)

1: You can see the world from Data, Experience, or somewhere in between.

2: Your goal can be to create radical Transformation, incremental Optimization, or something in between.

3: Your style can be that of the forceful Disruptor, the more gentle Evolver, or something in between.

4: Your status can be that of the pedigreed Insider, the expert Outsider, or something in between.

Painting the world in simple, artificially-binary polarities like this can help us reflect on and more deeply understand our place in the vastly more subtle, nuanced real world.

Part of your point of view is defined by where you stand (context). The other part is defined by what you see from there and how you advise your clients as a result (content).

Understanding the context part helps you differentiate, think about your strengths and weaknesses visa vi your competition, and helps you consider how you could use your point(s)of view to help lead your market somewhere.

Understanding the context part increases self and situational awareness.

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