The content paradox

Philip Morgan

Is creating content for your email list, blog, or educational resource center difficult for you?

For about 6 months now my suggestion for that problem has been to publish content daily. Commit to publishing daily, and... you know... actually do it.

When I say daily, I mean at least every weekday, possibly every day of the week including weekends. When I say publish daily, I mean to publish at least one new email, blog post, or valuable piece of content per day. You can create this content whenever you want; I'm just talking about how frequently you commit to publishing it. And the more public your commitment to publish daily, the better.

What happens when you start doing this is totally paradoxical.

I haven't convinced many people to do this because the whole idea sounds so batshit crazy to most. But when people actually do it, the result is always the same.

It becomes easier to create content.

James, a participant in my Positioning Accelerator Program recently made the switch to daily publishing. Here's what he had to say about it:

--- I am sending out my 6th daily email today (tomorrow morning). I started out at 66.7% open rate for 6 subscribers down to 50% open rate for 20 subscribers Dec 21. I have had only 1 unsubscribe so far.


In terms of content, I have generated more content with a more consistent basis than I ever have before. I also like that the content is very focused and I find myself thinking of ideas, stories and entertaining ways to talk about my subject.


I find it easier to produce content on a more aggressive schedule because I have a set number of constraints, a specific unmovable deadline, and a set of topics to write about that I have created in advance. I no longer just sit around and wait for the right moment, some breaking news, or some perfect combination of events to produce content. The other big thing that makes it easier is that I am shooting for 250-300 word emails rather than 20-30 minute screencasts or 5000 word blog posts.

By the way, I didn't ask him to write up a "daily publishing testimonial". This was simply his spontaneous observation about it so far.

Am I trying to influence you to make the switch to daily?

Maybe. :)

It depends on where you are in your business. If you have a clear positioning focus and are trying to build and market to an audience of potential clients, then that's when you should think about switching to daily content publication.

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