The 3 visibility method categories

Philip Morgan

Narrowing your business focus (specializing) makes it easier to earn visibility, and there are 3 categories of methods by which you can earn visibility.

You'll notice that outreach methods are not generally compatible with horizontal specializations. The problems that many horizontal specialists are focused on often do not emit signals of need that are externally visible, making it difficult to execute relevant outreach.

The vast majority of the infuriatingly irrelevant outreach I've been on the receiving end of is focused on horizontal problems:

  • Philip, do you need on on-site security camera system?
  • Philip, are you looking for your next career opportunity?
  • Philip, do you need an outbound marketing service?

Almost any person or business could need those things. But even if the reacher-out is willing to do the emotional labor needed to execute effective outreach, the relevance of their outreach is low because they can't know for sure if any given prospect is currently needing the thing they're promoting.

This isn't an argument for/against a horizontal focus. Instead, I hope you notice that how you specialize and how you earn visibility are an integrated system. They have to work well together.

Most ways of focusing are compatible with most methods of earning visibility except for horizontal specializations + outreach. is available now.

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