That's how much someone can love Black Sabbath

Philip Morgan

My friend John from Nashville told me about a car wreck he was in once.

He was in high school, and he had this friend who drove some kind of Plymouth or Pontiac or Oldsmobuick sedan. It was black, kind of like this:


Because John's friend was a massive Black Sabbath fan, he called the car Sabb.

John and his friend were driving somewhere in Sabb listening, of course, to Black Sabbath when a car pulled out in front of them and his friend took evasive maneuvers.

If you take the wrong kind of evasive maneuvers in a 70-something lead sled, the car flips over. That's exactly what happened.

After the car came to rest upside down, John was kind of freaking out but he told me his friend looked over at him and said, "hold on man... I just want to hear the rest of this song."

They hung there suspended by their seat belts until that Black Sabbath song played out.

Even as I write this I kind of doubt the full accuracy of this story John told me, but it does at least illustrate how much someone can love Black Sabbath.

Oddly enough, I had never actually heard any Black Sabbath songs until a few months ago. I was a huge Led Zeppelin fan in high school, but for some reason I kind of missed out on Black Sabbath. Based on the band name I was expecting some super heavy sounding metal music, but they sounded more like a bunch of white dudes re-interpreting blues songs with louder amplifiers. Almost like a nerdy version of Led Zeppelin.

The categories we sort things into change over time. Music that once caused parents to ground their children and spurred religious leaders to sternly warn their congregations now plays on oldies stations alongside sunny favorites from the Beach Boys.

I just read this article on Fast Company's design blog about "the most important design jobs of the future". The article names categories like Avatar Programmer, Chief Drone Experience Designer, and Director of Concierge Services. This is all stuff that barely exists now, and certainly didn't exist in 2016. (By the way, happy new year!!)

New categories like this are always an opportunity to develop a leadership position for you and your business. Maybe 2107 will be the year you start doing that? I hope so! :)

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