That not-so-fresh feeling in your mouth...

Philip Morgan

A funny thing happened the first night I stayed over at (my now wife) Cheryl's house.The next morning I was tired. There were two toothpaste tubes in the bathroom, and I grabbed one of them and brushed my teeth.Something wasn't quite right...After I brushed my teeth really, really thoroughly, I told Cheryl the toothpaste tasted kind of funny, and she just laughed and laughed and laughed."You used the chicken-flavored cat toothpaste!"I said "no way!", went back to the bathroom and checked, and she was right! Doh!If doing email marketing just doesn't feel quite right to you, then make some time to attend the next Dev Shop Marketing Briefing. I and the 3-person panel will talk about the critical mindset changes needed to really do email marketing right.We'll cover questions like the following:

  • How authentic or true to your own personality you should be?
  • Selling via email
  • Dealing with feedback, criticism, and haters
  • Understanding what creates value in the email channel
  • Dealing with that "oh noes, I'm a spammer!" feeling

The September DSMB happens on Wednesday, September 28th at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern, 7pm UK time).I'll record it and publish on my website, so no need to register unless you really think you'll attend.On the other hand, the only way to get answers to your questions is to attend the live presentation, so I hope to see you there!Register here: /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/dsmb-email-marketing-mindset/

See you there,-P