Tap into your inner Ignaz Semmelweis

Philip Morgan

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician who pioneered a breakthrough medical technology.His ideas were not accepted at the time. Some of his more, em, "motivated" critics tried to have him committed to a mental institiution.

Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra lured him, under the pretense of visiting one of Hebra's "new Institutes", to a Viennese insane asylum located in Lazarettgasse. Semmelweis surmised what was happening and tried to leave. He was severely beaten by several guards, secured in a straitjacket, and confined to a darkened cell. Apart from the straitjacket, treatments at the mental institution included dousing with cold water and administering castor oil, a laxative. He died after two weeks, on August 13, 1865, aged 47, from a gangrenous wound, possibly caused by the beating. -- Wikipedia

This dangerous man's crime?Promoting the idea that doctors should wash their hands to reduce disease.Yesterday I was doing a micro-consult with a member of this very list, and several times I found myself saying, "you need to find some contrarian angle for your content marketing. That's what helps you get attention for it."I'm not the first person to say this. Alan Weiss is a long-time advocate of having a contrarian stance in your marketing and your work, and I think we can trace the roots of this idea much, much further back in time.Presenting a contrarian idea ("pair programming is a waste of resources!", "agile development as it's commonly practiced is a disaster!") has tremendous built-in interest. People want to know if you have some insight they've been missing out on. They want to insure themselves against failure they didn't see coming, and so they'll listen to you if you have a fresh-seeming, contrarian perspective on things.Of course, you need to back this contrarian perspective up with something valuable, well-considered, and backed with proof or you will soon be added to people's mental spam filter.So what's your contrarian perspective on things?I don't think I'm going to get lured into a mental institution for revealing one of my contrarian perspectives here: I believe that you can't rely on Google to send you good leads (if you're not paying them for ads), at least not when you're starting to market your business. To put it bluntly: "SEO is almost certainly a waste of your time".That's why I help you build other ways of acquiring leads in the http://commodityprisonbreak.com bootcamp, which is happening again soon.Talk to you soon,-P