Strong differentiator #8: Help your client spend money more wisely

Philip Morgan

Today we're on to strong differentiator #8: Help your client spend money more wisely.Remember that weak forms of differentiation are claims that almost any of your competitors can credibly make. "We have a great process." "We have a great team." That kind of thing...I gotta level with you: today's differentiator is very similar to some previous ones in my list, most notably #5 (provide better advice) and #6 (say no to bad ideas).This differentiator is also primarily a mindset difference rather than something you can easily talk about in your own words in your marketing.I'm a cribbing directly from the The Picasso of Pricing (Jonathan Stark) when I say that you should try to talk your prospective clients out of hiring you. Here's how that looks in practice:

  • "Instead of building code to do this, why not hire a temp to do it instead?"
  • "Instead of custom software, why not buy and integrate [off the shelf software solution] instead?"
  • "Instead of a custom WordPress theme, why not use Divi or even SquareSpace instead?"
  • "I've never met another developer with rates higher than mine. Why not hire somebody cheaper to do it?"
  • "Why not task your in-house dev team with this?"

The answer to questions like these will lead you directly to one of the following, any of which are good for both you and your client in the long run:

  1. A more solid business case for paying you a premium rate to build the thing in question.
  2. A good reason to not hire you and instead do something cheaper, quicker, or do nothing at all.
  3. An important issue your client has not considered where you can provide insight or step back to leave room for them to do better planning on their own.

Any of these 3 outcomes positions you as an advisor who is more interested in your clients' long-term benefit than in making a quick buck.That's what you want, right?I hope so. :) Get more help with positioning right here: http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P