Spot the positioning problem in this picture

Philip Morgan

Can you spot the positioning problem in this picture?

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Apparently Christian Science is often enough confused with Scientology that the Christian Science reading room in Santa Rosa needed to put up a sign attempting to disambiguate the two.

Do prospective clients ever confuse you with someone else? Here's what I mean by that...

Do they ever see you as equivalent to a much lower cost developer when your higher rate reflects greater expertise and ability to manage risk? This is a positioning problem.

Do they ever see you as equivalent to the developer who said this would be a slam dunk 1-month project when you know that unknown unknowns will expand the project to 3 months? This is a positioning problem.

Getting confused with an inferior alternative is a positioning problem.

The recipe for solving positioning problems is to combine the following ingredients:

  1. Decide to specialize.
  2. Be generously helpful in a way that reinforces the specialization decision.
  3. Follow through on the above for long enough to leave a "mental residue" in your market. The mental residue is your reputation, aka your market position.This process will take months or years, but you're in this for the long haul, right?

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