Some ideas and their owners

Philip Morgan

Off the top of my head, some ideas and their "owners" [1].

  • Tribes: Seth Godin
  • Value-chain mapping: Simon Wardley
  • Positioning: Al Reis
  • Agile: Kent Beck
  • Winning negotiations through empathy: Jim Camp and Chris Voss
  • Value pricing for services: Alan Weiss, Jonathan Stark
  • Retail customer development, Omnichannel Thesis: Kevin Hillstrom

I wonder how many people had these same ideas, but did not relentlessly share and promote the idea?

I don't know how many, but I do know why their name isn't associated in my mind with the idea.

History is written by the victors. Maybe ideas are owned by the sharers.



1: See previous disclaimers about idea ownership: /indie-experts-list/ownership-2/