Sherlock Holmes on specialization

Philip Morgan

I love, love, love the BBC show "Sherlock" (the most recent one starring Benedict Cumberbatch)The 2016 New Years special episode The Abominable Bride had a brief bit of dialogue I haven't been able to get out of my head...Detective Inspector Lestrade: I thought you understood everything.Sherlock Holmes: Of course not, that would be an appalling waste of brain space. I specialize.That pretty much sums up what I've found to be true about specialization.It's freed up my brain to go deep into a particular problem (in my case, lead generation for custom software development shops) and find better solutions than I ever could have as a generalist.I'm not the only one who has seen specialization work out well for them.On a recent episode of my show, The Consulting Pipeline Podcast, guest Matt Kraus said:Word of mouth becomes a LOT easier the more specialized you get. If you're not specialized, word of mouth is EXTREMELY difficult because people are trying to solve a million problems every day and you're problem a million and one. But with word of mouth, you don't even have to do any selling. Person A will introduce you to their close friend Person B and basically all you have to do is take out your calendar and schedule with Person B.I couldn't agree more.Word of mouth is just one of the many benefits of specialization.I'm so interested in helping you become a highly paid, highly in-demand specialist that I wrote two books about it. One gives you the overview of how it works in general, and one is a step-by-step manual for specializing your business. Get your copy of now.--Philip.PS - Check out that podcast episode with Matt at