Results of a brand marketing experiment

Philip Morgan

I was really happy to see a post-action review of a brand marketing experiment I'd been following with some interest. A quick reminder from this email for context: 1) Sarah Avenir of &Yet is offering a free course on a human approach to marketing. The course itself is interesting. I'm especially interested in the way she's distributing the content using Instagram. It's a very "brand-marketing-ey" approach [1], and it was compelling enough for me to set up an Instagram account so I could follow along and learn from what she's doing. You can too; her course is available here: Some highlights from Sarah's after-action review:

  • "My secret hope was that we’d have about 200 participants. After all, we only started talking about it a week and a half before it started. But we ended up with over 400."
  • "If you don’t feed The Algorithm its proper diet over an extended period of time, it will be angry and will not show your class materials in participants’ feeds in any sort of consistent way"

And here's the whole thing: Recommended! -P