Rented and owned visibility infrastructure

Philip Morgan

The easiest way to earn visibility is to latch onto a platform right before it explodes in popularity. This approach to earning visibility comes with the serious risk of a forced evolution from innovative to efficient business unless the platform remains an open-ish system.

Many of us would prefer to avoid this risk. We have options!

We can rent or build our own infrastructure for visibility.

Renting visibility infrastructure is different than riding astride a platform. Platforms eventually seek to commoditize their complements, and if you are a vendor within the platform ecosystem, you are a complement to the platform.

Examples of renting visibility infrastructure include:

  • Speaking to audiences that are "owned" by others via conference talks, podcast guesting, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Writing for audiences that are "owned" by others via social media, guest posting, a regular column in a trade publication, etc.

These differ from platforms because, with the exception of social media, they are not likely to commoditize you. There is more of a symbiotic relationship at play here. The fact that you need each other supports a healthy balance of power and ownership. (I elaborate a bit more on these ideas in this article.)

We can also build our own infrastructure that ultimately becomes "owned". I'll touch on that tomorrow.

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