Remember thin clients?

Philip Morgan

Hey, remember when thin clients were a thing?You know, those inexpensive terminal-like computers that rendered an instance of Windows that was actually running on a multi-tenant server? Post mainframe, early post-PC, but pre-virtualized/containerized everything. They were going to revolutionize enterprise computing, if the hype at the time was to believed.Anytime you think that specializing in technology X is how you're going to fend of commoditization and generate demand for your services, I want you to remember thin clients.It's not that thin clients went away. You can buy them brand new on Newegg or used on Ebay right now.But the hype was definitely overblown. They didn't totally revolutionize enterprise computing."Specializing" in thin clients might have temporarily been a valid way to specialize, but it delivered short-lived value. Now any competent consultancy can deliver a thin client solution if it's called for.Novelty often masquerades as value, but the two are not the same thing.The following do produce long-lived value for clients:

  1. Specializing in an evergreen business problem
  2. Specializing in helping a certain type of business apply technology

There are other ways, and they are described in detail in Know a self-employed software developer who might benefit from specialization? Send 'em this free gift! Details here --> /referrals/