[PMC Weekend Edition] The Not a Newsletter newsletter

Philip Morgan

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Those of y'all who think I'm crazy for publishing 7x/week and somehow are inexplicably still subscribed to this list (maybe you're like rubberneckers at a traffic wreck) may find a more... conventional approach to email marketing interesting.

Enter: This is Not A Newsletter. The latest issue is here: docs.google.com/document/d/1pySiYQ_5OMsj1U4r5XXLPru0NtiVg2FVaO5INBlNffk

It actually is a newsletter, but it's distributed via Google Docs (the monthly newsletter content) and Tinyletter (an email that lets you know when a new issue is available), and it's written by Dan Shinsky, the Director of Newsletters at the New Yorker.

Check out the issue above, and if you find it interesting, you'll find subscribe links in the Google Doc.

Happy Saturday,