[PMC Weekend Edition] On the road again

Philip Morgan

(Readin' time: 42s, photo-admiring time: no idea)

Hey, it's been two long days of driving. Cheryl and I are in Santa Fe tonight before we haul ass to Colorado Springs--our destination for the next month--tomorrow.

How about some photos from the trip so far? Most all of them are snapped from the passenger seat of our car.

We got up at 3am for a 5...30am departure.

The east East Bay is strange. So is much of America. :)

The sunrise was beautiful.

I always loved the hills in Northern California.

Passed so many nearly-inconceivably rough and tumble small towns on the way.

This part of California's oil industry is not doing so great it seems.

We drove, and drove, and drove.

Climbing out of California's Central Valley.

Reminder: my life bucket list still includes driving a locomotive. Any list members able to help out with this?

Also on my life bucket list: understanding the appeal of living in the Mojave desert.

I mean, I suppose it does offer a certain kind of beauty...

Mojave desert rest stop.

This'll have to do for summing up the rest of the trip from the Mojave desert to Santa Fe. :)

Happy Sunday,


Photo album link: https://philipmorgan.smugmug.com/Landscapes