[PMC Weekend Edition] I am not devlopr

Philip Morgan

I’m not a developer. But… I (at one point, at least) knew enough Python to hack together a static site generator (MongoDB still gives me shudders from that) and an email list RFM segmentation script. So that’s something!And, most importantly, I am in love with developers writ large, and I so value your role in the current world and the world that is becoming.And, like you, I have to deal with off-by-one errors in my work:**50 pounds of pots.**You'd think that publishing something daily would deprive you of excellence, right?After all, wouldn't you have to take some pretty serious shortcuts to achieve that kind of publication cadence, right?This, from Mike Johnson's excellent photography blog, argues otherwise.It's an anecdote about pottery, but really it's about expertise and excellence.Happy Sunday,-P