[PMC Weekend Edition] Back yard ~swimming pool~ roller coaster

Philip Morgan

Back yard swimming pool roller coasterI've always had a DIY streak in me. Chalk it up, I suppose, to growing up with a combination of modest economic means and immodest imagination.So this, about a guy who built a roller coaster in his back yard, is like crack for me.I suppose this DIY streak is why I'm so much more interested in self-made expertise than any other kind.Red Right HandIf you're not acquainted with the music of Nick Cave... I'm immediately motivated to try to do something about that. Even if you don't want me to.It's like XKCD 386, but for music:I mentioned to my friend Jonathan Stark something about Nick Cave, and he admitted he's not familiar with his music.BIG MISTAKE, JONATHAN!If you want me to start meddling in your life, trying to forcibly introduce you to a new artist, all you have to do is mention you've never heard Nick Cave's music and, game over, I'm all up in your business trying to make you into a Nick Cave superfan.Yes, I know it's a personality flaw. This is one of many such personality flaws. I've got so many they have their own yearly convention. :)Anyway, here's me giving in to this particular personality flaw in front of all ~2000 of you.How to get started with Nick Cave:Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus double album, but only if you can commit to several listens through. The Boatman's Call is another accessible starting point. Or, if you want a single song entry point, listen to the song (not the whole album) From Her to Eternity as loud as you possibly can.Or alternately, read his writing at https://www.theredhandfiles.com/, fall in love with his mind first, then with his music later. Hat tip to Elliot for introducing me to this gift from Nick to his fans.Or finally, watch Wings of Desire, get intrigued by his cameo there, and then surf the wave of that curiosity into an exploration of his music. I'm pretty sure that's how I did it.Have a great Sunday, y'all!-P