This is content marketing

Philip Morgan

THIS is content marketing.What makes this so great is it's specific and generous.The link above will take you to a long article. The article is specifically for startups seeking angel investors. This is what makes it specific. It's not just random productivity tips or how to set up your dev environment or really broad stuff like that. It's specifically for a narrowly-defined ideal reader.Second, it's generous. It does thankless work in service of this narrowly defined ideal reader, and it gives it away for free, asking nothing in return. Of course, like a lot of good brand marketing, it's something beautiful or interesting or useful with a small logo somewhere on it. But there's no registration form or gate in front of the content.The thankless work is assembling a useful list, and giving well-considered context around the list and ideas for using the list. That's really it! I don't mean at all to diminish the effort put into other areas, like readability, visual design, etc. I'm just pointing out that, fundamentally, it's a useful list that possibly no other company has bothered to put together.Sometimes you get into a position of market leadership through hard, persistent work.And sometimes you just look for the gaps and fill them with a free gift of knowledge, as Krit has done here.-P