The whale client optical illusion

Philip Morgan

You know how black holes have such a strong gravitational pull that they can bend light?Sometimes I think whale clients do that too.They exert such a strong gravitational pull on you that they "bend light", meaning you stop looking at the horizon and focus too much of your attention on them.You stop seeing the reality of what will happen when that whale client goes away, which they almost certainly will.Not if. When.It's like they create this optical illusion where the future looks just like the present.It becomes easy to act as if this whale client will always be here, paying the bills and keeping you from having to do the hard work of business development. The investment-minded work of developing expertise that has real future value.It won't last forever.If you've got a whale client currently "bending light" and focusing you too much on the present at the expense of the future, today's a good day to commit to something better for your future.-P