Social risk, and dating models

Philip Morgan

Let's imagine you're a person interested in dating someone who works as a model.

Quora has advice for you. Here's one of the better answers:

(source:, please note there's stuff at that link some might find sexist or otherwise objectionable.)

I spent a good long time trying to figure out what part of the list above doesn't apply directly to lead generation for your services and couldn't come up with anything. Here's that list, adapted to answer the question: "How do you generate leads you find more desirable for some reason? Better clients, more valuable work, advisory instead of implementation, etc."

  1. Find employment in a business that deals with the kind of leads you want to generate, intentionally build up a network (access) and credibility (trust), and then move into generating leads from that network as an indie.
  2. Hang out in places where the leads you want to attract socialize with each other. Your "hanging out" will be intentional and oriented around helpful service.
  3. Become close friends with the kind of person you want to have as a lead and have them introduce you to friends and co-workers.
  4. Become a celebrity and then generate leads through the fame and attention brought on by that. (This is the fundamental idea behind content marketing and thought leadership.)
  5. Become the kind of person you want to attract as leads, and use your insider status and insight into this community to attract leads from within the community.

Notice what's not on this list: place an ad in Craigslist or set up a profile on a dating site and troll (in the fishing sense, not in the internet hater sense) for the kind of person you're looking for.

Ads for sure can work. But their effectiveness is limited compared to other approaches that do more to build trust and social access.

The bottom line: Ads limit your risk exposure to financial risk only.

Lead generation approaches that include an element of social risk work better for attracting more desirable clients--or advisory services leads--because they build trust and social access.


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