Nashville meetup

Philip Morgan

For team #SpecializationNashville...I'm going to be in your earthquake-adjacent, lucky-to-not-get-Amazon-HQ2, rising-star-of-a-city on Jan 23 - 25, 2019. I have several current and past clients who live in Nashville or Franklin, and I have an unknown number of list members who also live there.I'd like to meet as many of you as I can, and so I'm organizing an informal meetup on Jan 23rd. When exactly on the 23rd?That depends on you.Here's the deal: if you're in the Nashville area, and find the idea of meeting up with me and a few others interesting, and might be able to make it for an hour or two on the 23rd, sign up here: week or two out from the 23rd I'll poll those who've signed up to see whether a lunch or dinner time works better and go with the majority opinion.I'll find a space for us to meet. Right now, in an obscure callback to The Blues Brothers movie, I have the event location listed as 1 Titans Way because Eventbrite forces me to put some kind of address in, but the actual location is TBD. Might be a reserved table at a Starbucks, or might be a bar without too much background noise (background noise always makes it hard for me to hear and so I try to avoid that when conversation is important).You'll cover your own tab for food/drink and there will be no swag bags with #TeamSpecializing t-shirts or beer coozies. Sorry not sorry. :)But there will be me, and other folks like you who are interested in leveling up their business.Who's in? Again, casual meetup some time on Jan 23rd in Nashville. Sign up here if interested: